Lip Ice Packs

Material: PVC, gel.
Reusable and washable- Gel packs are leak-proof, microwavable, and remain flexible in the refrigerator.

Cold application: Place the product in the refrigerator for 1 hour, or place it in the freezer for a shorter cooling time.
Hot application: Wrap the pack in a moist paper towel and place it in the microwave at intervals of 7 seconds, and no more than 30 seconds for helping makeup remover,
relieve the face of toxins that contribute to dark circles and tired-looking, worn-out skin.
Lips-shaped cold pack is the perfect healthcare promotion for hospitals, doctor’s offices, or health fairs.




Lip Ice Packs

  • The cold cure packs are double-sealed to prevent leakage with a non-toxic gel that is safe for all ages,
    has no cytotoxicity, skin allergies, odors, or skin irritation, and can be reused.
    The scientific formula makes the cold and hot compress bag elastic and can maintain a soft feel
    even when stored in an environment below -18 ℃ for a long time, commonly known as a “soft ice bag”.
    They can be bent freely according to the applied area, and close to joints and muscles, making the application more effective.
    This ice pack can be used after pre-cooling or preheating treatment and can adapt to unlimited cold and hot alternations.
    Lip-shaped ice packs are effective in relieving swelling of the lips due to lip augmentation surgery
    Use as directed to aid recovery and relieve pain after surgery.

  • We are offering different sizes, shapes and colors for OEM

Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Orange




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