Health Care Hot Cold Pack

Material: PE composite nylon+TPU+PVC

Order MOQ:2000 pcs/ color
Sample:5-7 working days
Mass production:15-25 working days




Health Care Hot Cold Pack

* Colder For Longer: Reusable ice packs for injuries with a proprietary gel interior that stays Colder for Longer with inferior clay or bentonite formulations fillings.
* More Flexible: The Most Flexible Cold Pack is available due to the best professional-grade gel interior that remains pliable when frozen.
Helps knees, back, shoulders, hip, neck, or anywhere it hurts.
* Healthcare Professional’s Choice: Used by thousands of physical therapists and medical pros for acute and chronic muscle pain,
arthritis, inflammation, swelling, menopause hot flashes, and recovery.
* Premium Construction: Each gel cold pack compress is built with double-sealed seams to prevent leaking; with extra thick nylon
exterior. Compare to cold therapy ice bags and bottles for neuropathy or gout.
* Fast Pain Relief: for anywhere you need an icing compress. Can aid plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff, perineal, hip replacement,
pregnancy, hysterectomy, sinus, sciatic nerve, shin splints, vasectomy.

Durable composite PVC, non-toxic cold compress gel fillings to keep you cool  Water-resistant and scratch-proof, the mat is very easy to clean

How to use an ice-hot pack?

– Store in the freezer so that the pack is ready to use in case of injury
– Approximately 1 hour is required to freeze the gel
– Ideal to use for:
● Reducing swelling
● Toothache
● Temporary relief of headache
● Reducing fevers
【Application: Hot】
– Microwave: Place the gel pack into the microwave for approximately 30 seconds (If the gel pack is at room temperature ) or 1 minute(if
the gel pack is frozen) on high power.
– After this time, check that the correct temperature has been reached
– If not, further exposure should be in 10-second bursts
【Times are based on A600W microwave】
Adjust heating times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave

  • OEM/ODM services
    1. Send your specific demands, designs, structures, certs ect to email for the first communication.
    2. We will record and summarize the data for preparing the quote
    3. R&D evaluates the demands of customers and provides workable plans.
    4. Customized the design and development and got back to the customer
    5. Started the sampler after the customized details were confirmed and finished the sample fee
    6. Sample checking by the customer via video/pictures or sending by express
    7. Mass production after sample was confirmed and the pre-payment (30%-50%) was finished
    8. Clear the balance before shipment and get the order finished and delivered

blue, red, black, green, pink




2000 pcs


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