Electric eyelash curler

Battery capacity:230-300mAh
Net weight:30g
Heated temperature:3 levels temperature control
【 Level 1: around 65 ℃, suitable for soft eyelashes 】
【 2nd gear at around 75 ° is suitable for normal thickness eyelashes】
【 3rd gear around 85 ° suitable for thick and hard eyelashes】



Electric eyelash curler

      • QUICK NATURAL CURLING: The heated eyelash curler is better for curling medium or long eyelashes from base to tip creating a wide-awake look,
        the benefit of 70℃(158℉) constant curling temperature, especially ergonomic designed contoured curve and easily press operation system,
        make curling your lashes easy and safe while giving you a beautiful, longer-lasting curl.
      • HIGH EFFICIENCY & LONG-LASTING CURL: An electric eyelash curler ensures a longer-lasting lifting effect than a regular metal eyelash curler
        with its innovative heating silicone and (70 ℃/158°F) constant curling temperature, the temperature sensing pad will change its color automatically after pre-heating for 30 seconds.
      • EASY TO USE: Ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use, the innovative Press Operation System features a smooth opening
        and closing action for precision curl control performance and comfortable use, the 24° Slanted Angle shape design makes it easier to fit your eye contour
      • FITS MOST EYE SHAPES: The curved heating pad perfectly fits most eye shapes, and curls the entire length of your eyelashes without pinching or crimping.
      • NO DAMAGE TO EYELASHES: food-grade rounded silicone pads are hypoallergenic and won’t crimp or stick to lashes. 5s curling to get natural curling eyelashes
      • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: electric eyelash curlers are USB rechargeable and can be charged via Type-C. With a 600mAh battery,
        can work continuously for up to 120 Mins ( 60 days when using 2mins per day) after fully charged. Plus, its compact and stylish design makes the lash curler
        easy to carry in your wallet, handbag, or cosmetic case

Color option

white, black, pink

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