Heated eyelash curler X02

Quick 10s Heating & 24hr Long Lasting!
Battery capacity:230mAh
Net weight:30g
Heated temperature:2 levels temperature control
【 Level 1: around 65 ℃, suitable for soft eyelashes 】
【 2nd gear around 85 ° suitable for thick and hard eyelashes】



Heated eyelash curler X02

    • Within 10-30 seconds, the curling effect is achieved evenly throughout the lashes!

      • QUICK NATURAL CURLING: The heated eyelash curler is better for curling medium or long eyelashes from base to tip creating a wide-awake look,
        the benefit of 70℃(158℉) constant curling temperature, especially ergonomic designed contoured curve and easily press operation system,
        make curling your lashes easy and safe while giving you a beautiful, longer-lasting curl.

      • HIGH EFFICIENCY & LONG-LASTING CURL: An electric eyelash curler ensures a longer-lasting lifting effect than a regular metal eyelash curler
        with its innovative heating silicone and (70 ℃/158°F) constant curling temperature, the temperature sensing pad will change its color automatically after pre-heating for 30 seconds.
      • EASY TO USE: Ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use, the innovative Press Operation System features a smooth opening
        and closing action for precision curl control performance and comfortable use.
      • FITS MOST EYE SHAPES: The curved heating pad perfectly fits most eye shapes, and curls the entire length of your eyelashes without pinching or crimping.
      • NO DAMAGE TO EYELASHES: food-grade rounded silicone pads are hypoallergenic and won’t crimp or stick to lashes. 5s curling to get natural curling eyelashes
      • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: electric eyelash curlers are USB rechargeable and can be charged via Type-C. With a 230mAh battery, the battery is capable of lasting
        up to three weeks after full charging. With its small size, the Curler can be taken anywhere, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.


Color option

white, pink


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