Breast Therapy Ice Pack

Color: Blue
Material: PE composite nylon+TPU+PVC

Order MOQ:1000 pcs
Sample:5-7 working days
Mass production:15-25 working days




Breast Therapy Ice Pack

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Pack Hot/Cold Gel Ice Packs for Freezing Warm Compress and Mastitis Relief Soft Gel Breastfeeding 

All-In-1 Breast Therapy Pad Package: No need to find separate breast warmers for pumping, breast ice packs, bra inserts for cooling,
straps for hands-free use, breastfeeding cold packs, or plush covers.
because the InstaRelief ice pack (set of 2) is all you need for clogged milk ducts, slow letdowns, and breasts that need a little extra TLC.
Wrap around your breast and feel the relief.

Warming Heat and Cooling Soft Ice Pack: Forget about fussing with boiling water. Just pop your hot cold pack in the microwave for
20 seconds (at 700 watts) for a soothing breast warmer. Freeze the breast pack for 2 hours and now you have a breastmilk ice pack for breasts
suffering from engorgement, mastitis, swelling, or pain.

Hands-Free, Full Coverage: No need to find a cover, our contoured breastfeeding pads have a plush side for comfort!
The self-clasping shape fits around any flange while pumping, but also around the areola when inside your bra.
Instarelief is shaped to cover a larger surface, reaching clogged ducts at the side and at the top.

Safe Leakproof Materials: Ever seen a round gel bead ice pack explode while heating? You’ll be glad we used Thermo Gel inside our 100% leakproof encasing.
It can be frozen for breast ice packs, and a moment later microwaved as a warm compress for breastfeeding!
Suitable for post-breast surgery, too. Storage is easy! Pop them in your bag so you can use them anywhere.

durable composite PVC, non-toxic cold compress gel fillings to keep you cool Water-resistant and scratch-proof, the pack is very easy to clean

How to use a Breast ice-hot pack?

– Store in the freezer so that the pack is ready to use.
– Approximately 1 hour is required to freeze the gel

– Microwave: Place the gel pack into the microwave for approximately 30 seconds (If the gel pack is at room temperature ) or 1 minute(if
the gel pack is frozen) on high power.
– After this time, check that the correct temperature has been reached
– If not, further exposure should be in 10-second bursts 【Times are based on A600W microwave】
Adjust heating times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave

Cooling breast pads
Ideal for day or night
Safe for sensitive skin
Breathable and ultra-soft

Ideal to use for:

●Cold compress: It can effectively reduce breast pain caused by milk deposition when weaning.
● Hot compress: help breast dredge. Hot compress before feeding can accelerate milk flow and promote effective milk discharge.
● Reducing fevers
【Application: Hot】

OEM/ODM services

    1. Send your specific demands, designs, structures, certs ect to for the first communication.
    2. We will record and summarize the data for preparing the quote
    3. R&D evaluates the demands of customers and provides workable plans.
    4. Customized the design and development and got back to the customer
    5. Started the sampler after the customized details were confirmed and finished the sample fee
    6. Sample checking by the customer via video/pictures or sending by express
    7. Mass production after sample was confirmed and the pre-payment (30%-50%) was finished
    8. Clear the balance before shipment and get the order finished and delivered





1000 pcs


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