Why do you need an essential oil diffuser?

There’s nothing better than walking into a room and being welcomed by the soothing scent of lavender or the inviting scent of cinnamon bark, these comfortable fragrances smell like heaven, and they can play a significant role in dealing with various pressures and difficulties in life. Often, it’s a familiar scent that evokes happy memories just like back to Mama’s kitchen for the most loved food in your carefree childhood. Fortunately, you can bring these comforting smells into your living space or portable to different places with a small diffuser.

Diffusers are small electronic devices that come in many shapes and sizes. As they mist essential oils into a light and airy mist, the room is filled with a pleasant scent that serves a purpose and has many health benefits.Inhaling essential oils aromatically benefits your mind and body and creates an inviting atmosphere that makes your home a more inviting place.

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What is the process of using oil diffusers?

Although diffusing essential oils may seem fancy, it actually involves little effort. All you need is a small cup of water, your favorite essential oil, and a diffuser device. It is easy to use, and essential oil lovers of all ages love the simplicity of diffusing.
1. Pick an essential oil you want to use. Creating your own blend can be done with multiple oils.
2. Add some water to the fill line, according to different devices capacity; but be sure to follow your diffuser’s directions.
3. Add 3-5 drops of your essential oil into the water.
4. Put the lid back on top, turn on your diffuser, and enjoy!

Can diffusers be made to smell stronger?

So you add oil, the steam rises from the diffuser, and you are waiting to be surrounded by a comfortable aroma – but you will only smell a very faint aroma slowly moving in the air, possibly due to insufficient concentration of the essential oil. Don’t worry, there is a very simple solution: turn off the diffuser, add a few more drops, and then restart the device. After a few minutes, when your essential oil begins to fill the air, you will feel a fragrant joy.


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How do you clean an essential oil diffuser after use?

After enjoying the essential oil diffuser, you may open the lid to add another scent and notice that your previous essential oil remains at the bottom of the diffuser bowl. This is very normal, and it happens every time you use it, so don’t worry. Although your diffuser may not necessarily need to be cleaned every time, it is important to clean it as often as possible to prevent these clumped residues from accumulating over time and changing the aroma of the new oil you are spreading. Although some diffusers are easily wiped clean with all natural cleaning products, others may be a bit tricky. Follow these steps to easily clean the diffuse

1.Fill the diffuser with fresh and clean water and stop below the filling line.

2.Add approximately 10 drops of white vinegar or lemen juice to the water instead of adding essential oils.

This will help decompose the residue without damaging the equipment.

3.Replace the cover and start the diffuser. Allow it to run for 3-5 minutes and the mixture to completely clean the interior of the equipment.

4.After 3-5 minutes, turn off the device and drain the remaining mixture into the sink.

5.Once completely drained, use a cotton ball or tissue to locally clean any additional areas that may require proper scrubbing.

6.Before reusing, please let the diffuser completely dry.

Although most diffusers have similar cleaning methods that can be used across the board, it’s always advisable to check the packaging for cleaning instructions.

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