Ankle Ice Pack Wrap

Ankle Ice Pack Wrap for Foot Pain Relief and Feet Injuries, Reusable Gel Ice Cold Packs for Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sprained Ankles and Heels,reusable Gel Cold Pack with Cold Compression Therapy.

  • Innovative Ankle Ice Pack Wrap – Relief Expert reusable ice pack for foot penetrates mild cold and available to use directly without a towel with skin-friendly soft plush fabric side. The ice pack for ankle and foot’s reverse nylon side penetrates intense coldness to injured foot and ankle injuries.
  • Full Coverage for Ankle and Heel Pain Relief – The ankle ice wrap with larger treatment cold zone is universally fit for most people and targeted pain relief for entire foot, ankle and heel.
  • Stay Flexible When Frozen – Filled with lower gel freezing point(-13℉), the heel ice pack wrap plantar fasciitis keeps pliable when frozen, contours to ankle and foot snugly, makes cold compression and uses easily with 3 elastic neoprene straps.
  • Long-lasting Coldness- The ice pack for heel stays cold for longer with 30% more freezable gel filling and larger cold zone, penetrating cold to injured foot deeply and relieving sprained ankle and swollen feet quickly.
  •  Adopt with the double-sealed structure,the ankle brace ice pack prevents gel leakage. 

Size and weight

Our standard Product size:51.5*40cm 
Net weight:900g

Different sizes and colors can be customized.

How to Order

Contact us via

Sample time:15 days
Production time:35 days

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